Curva C46

10-spoke wheel with a step back to give them visual depth. In combination with the deep hub, the wheel achieves a very dramatic and aggressive look suitable for any vehicle.

Wheel Collection

At Curva Concepts, we strive to bring you premium aftermarket wheels. We’ve been providing luxury wheels for luxury vehicles for almost two decades. These are executive level rims that easily upgrade the look of any ride. Whether you’re looking to make your car or SUV feel more sporty, upper class or both, Curva Concepts wheels will get you there.

We’ve Got You Covered

Ditch those understated factory wheels today. A set of aftermarket rims are the easiest way to elevate your vehicle’s game. New rims instantly differentiate a car from the thousands of other rides rolling with OEM wheels. Bland wheels or hubcaps are lazy ways to steal the joy from your driving experience. Looking good is an import part of feeling good and Curva Concepts wheels know how to look good.

Curva Concepts Wheel Company

A Dynamic Wheel Group brand


Curva Concepts CFF25

Curva Concepts CFF50

Curva Concepts CFF300

Wheel Collection

Each individual Curva Concept Wheel is designed in California and manufactured with upmost attention to detail. We cut no corners when engineering our wheels. view collection

Vehicle Gallery

A collection of customer vehicles that present our unique wheel designs and aggressive fitments. Our galleries are crafted to inspire your next project. view gallery